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The town and former port of Strahan sits in a sheltered cove called Long Bay in the heart of Tasmania’s west coast, and it’s become an iconic travel destination. It’s a historic town full of reminders of the days when pioneers and convicts passed through, with many of the convicts headed for the prison at nearby Sarah Island.
These days, the town is a charming destination with shops selling crafts and local produce and lots of eateries serving up fresh local food. Despite the laid-back vibe of the area, there is plenty of luxury accommodation available.
Many visitors come to Strahan to access the world heritage listed Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. The town is also the terminus for the West Coast Wilderness Railway which goes all the way to Queenstown through the pristine temperate rainforest. With so much to see and do in the area, it’s not hard to see why Strahan is considered such a gem.

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