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Port Macquarie

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Port Macquarie NSW has undeniably the best weather in all of Australia. Probably this is the reason why it sees thousands of tourists from all over the globe for its generous supply of sunshine all year round. There are about ten beaches in this region leaving you for spoilt for choice as each has its own charm. There is excitement on the water abounds with water sports activities that appeal to the adventure lovers. From jet boats and surfing to non-water based sports activities like paragliding, skydiving and horse riding, there is a wide spectrum of fun activities to suit for all ages. Port Macquarie is home to lush green rainforests that boast of abundant wildlife. A must-visit attraction for kids includes the Billabong Koala Wildlife Park. This beautiful destination also hosts several public arts to exotic exhibitions, cultural events and festivals that add more zing to your trip and leave your soul satisfied to the core.

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