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Oberon is a small town in the Blue Mountains, a town that is becoming more popular with visitors but is yet to become overly busy. This means that Oberon is a great choice of destination for people who prefer a vacation a little off the beaten track. Oberon accommodation options are quite limited, although there is some excellent luxury holiday accommodation available.

The great benefit of saying in Oberon when you visit the Blue Mountains is that it is very close to a number of great wilderness areas. It makes a good base to explore the rest of the Blue Mountains.

Due to the fact that Oberon is less developed than other holiday destinations in the area, dining options are limited. There are some good local restaurants, but many visitors prefer to take a short drive into one of the larger towns close by for an evening out. The same applies to shopping, the local options are thin.

That being said, if you enjoy a relaxed vibe and don’t mind the lack of tourist style facilities, renting some luxury holiday accommodation in Oberon could be just the right choice for you.