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Close to the Otways, Lorne offers visitors a traditional seaside vacation, replete with sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and all of the infrastructure that a holidaymaker might need during their stay. With a history of tourism dating back over 100 years, it is no surprise that Lorne is one of the major tourist destinations in the area.
The local Lorne Surf Beach and also Shelley Beach are the most popular attractions. Especially with visitors from Melbourne, who use Lorne as a close by destination for a weekend break.
For nature lovers, the major wilderness area of the Great Otway National Park is an exceptional place to explore. Still wild for the most part, this national park offers some challenging yet rewarding nature hikes.
In the high season, Lorne is the cultural capital of the area, with regular festivals, free concerts and other events organized each year. Outside of high season, art fairs and other art inspired events are also laid on.
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