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Lithgow is a small tourist destination in the Blue Mountains. Lithgow accommodation options are fairly limited. However, there are some excellent holiday rentals available in this charming, laid-back town.

In many ways, Lithgow is all about nature and the wilderness. Few other towns in the Blue Mountains have such plentiful access to a wide variety of wilderness areas. From mountain peaks to gushing waterfalls.

That being said, there are also quite a few things to do in and around Lithgow town itself. The Zig Zag Railways is a very popular attraction and one that should be on every visitors must-see list.

The town of Lithgow itself has a smattering of restaurants, covering everything from snacks through to fine dining. If you are staying in luxury holiday accommodation in or close to Lithgow these restaurants are a great place to spend the evening.
Shopping wise, there are a number of small boutique and craft stores, mostly selling locally produced craft products as well as shops selling outdoor gear and equipment.