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Located at the South Coast of New South Wales, Kiama is home to numerous pristine beaches in the nation. It is a 1.5-hour scenic drive away from Sydney taking you through the Grand Pacific Drive with views of the endless coastline and lush green landscapes. The leading tourist attraction of Kiama because of which tourists throng this holiday destination is the Kiama Blowhole. This hole in the rocky Australian coastline spouts water to a staggering 20 metres or more into the air, making it one of the most impressive blowholes in the world. Apart from the Blowhole, some of the other main experiences to try here include enjoying a leisurely walk at the Bombo Beach and visiting the Bombo Headland, enjoying sightseeing around the lookout and historic stone fence area, admiring the picturesque views from Saddleback Mountain Lookout and watching the sun going down below the horizon at Cathedral Rocks.

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