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On average you’ll pay 10% less compared to other sites for booking Jamieson Accommodation on Wild Escapes.
Sitting deep in the mountains, on the banks of the Jamieson River and Goulburn River, the town of Jamieson is the very meaning of the word relaxed. Renting luxury holiday accommodation in Jamieson guarantees you a laid back and refreshing vacation.
With its historic old streets, and its charming town centre, this old mining town just oozes charm. Even if you don’t want to head out into the surrounding wilderness, there are enough charming cafes, excellent restaurants and intriguing boutique shops to keep you amused for many days.
For a little more local activity, try some fly fishing and a picnic in one of the many publicly available spots along either the Jamieson River or Goulburn River, before heading home to your luxury vacation accommodation to cook your catch, and tell tales of the one that got away.

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