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Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is lauded as one of the best road trips to be found in Australia. Following a 250-kilometer course that begins just outside Melbourne and ends in Warrnambool. Thousands of visitors travel this route every year, enjoying the scenery and attractions that the route passes through as it winds its way along the coast.
As coastal drives go, the Great Ocean Road is hard to beat, as it follows the Southeastern coastline of Victoria. Few other coastal roads offer such a wealth of scenery, and great attractions to enjoy. Originally a popular road trip route, the Great Ocean Road is now also used by hikers, and even runners who take part in the yearly Great Ocean Road marathon.
If you have the time, and would like to see some of the best coastal scenery in the world, then taking a trip along the Great Ocean Road either in your own vehicle, or as part of a tour, is a great experience.
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