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Gerringong is less than a two-hour drive from Sydney and is located on the South Coast, New South Wales. From pristine beaches, marvellous countryside to scenic views, rolling farmlands and endless vineyards, Gerringong offers a diverse range of experiences to choose from. The food and wine scene in the region is world-renowned which is why Gerringong is always swarmed with food lovers all throughout the year. Enjoy a picturesque drive on the Grand Pacific Drive route and get amazed by the breath-taking vista before your eyes. Click lots of pictures on the way. You can also enjoy the Kiama Coast Walk that will offer you views of headlands, beaches and rivers. Werri Beach is one of the popular beaches on the South Coast where you can enjoy surfing. Just south of Gerringong is the Seven Mile Beach which is a famous spot for windsurfing and swimming. Beginners can even take surfing lessons at the beach.

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