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On average you’ll pay 10% less compared to other sites for booking Forster Accommodation on Wild Escapes.
Forster is a 3.5-hour drive away from Sydney offering picturesque views all along the journey. With the ocean on one side and Wallis Lake on the other, there is no dearth of natural highlights and scenic beauty in this region. Nearby lakes and rivers provide the perfect setting for a memorable vacation with the family offering plenty of family-friendly activities like swimming, boating and fishing. The lakes are also ideal for the kids as the waters are shallow and clear. The ocean is home to whales and dolphins which you can spot from a whale watching cruise. Other popular activities here include hiking at one of the many national park trails, driving to the Cape Hawke lookout to enjoy the panoramic vista and exploring the magical waterways by embarking on a lavish cruise along Wallis Lake. Wine lovers can head to the Great Lakes Winery and enjoy a wine-tasting experience along with different flavours of cheese.

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