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On average you’ll pay 10% less compared to other sites for booking Falmouth Accommodation on Wild Escapes.
The tiny settlement of Falmouth is a holiday resort village sitting on a low cliff top with excellent views of the surrounding coastline. It’s a remote spot but if getting away from it all and being surrounded by nature is your thing then you will enjoy your stay in Falmouth.
We offer luxury accommodation in in Falmouth, very close to all amenities and attractions.
Falmouth is famous for its blowholes, most of which are located on the cliffs just beyond Howitt Street, the most north-easterly street in the town. The blowholes are created when waves in the sea are forced through a small aperture, causing huge plumes of spray to shoot up into the air. Apart from the cliff top walks, the Conservation Area at Four Mile Creek is also highly recommended for its secluded beaches which are popular with surfers.

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