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Darling Downs

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Darling Towns is one of the most spectacular regions in Australia. It boasts of stunning natural wonders and live-giving network of rivers, creeks and dams. Tourists from neighbouring cities, as well as international travellers, get attracted to this town because of its laid-back environment and ethereal charm. The region extends in an arc from Goondiwindi to Chinchilla and offers spectacular views and natural beauty in abundance all along the way. Be it riding in a hot air balloon to soak in the panoramic views of the town below or enjoying fishing with the family at Waterpark Creek, you will never run out of activities to do here. Nature lovers can visit the nearby Girraweeri National Park and Main Range National Park to admire the flora and fauna that is present in abundance. Darling Town Zoo is also a popular attraction, especially among the kids who enjoy interacting with a wide variety of animals and birds here.

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