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Cooma is the largest town in the Snowy Mountains region. It boasts of rolling plains, glittering rivers and snow-covered peaks that lure the travellers from all over the world to visit this exciting destination. Cooma is diverse and culturally significant with a rich traditional heritage. It serves as an ideal base to explore the Snowy Mountain ranges and indulge in the fun activities that the region has to offer all throughout the year. It is also the gateway to the nation’s alpine region. One of the top points of interest here includes the Centennial Park. It houses amazing historic trees, ‘Cooma Mosaic Time Walk’ and the ‘Avenue of Flags’ murals that enlighten the visitors about the history of the region. Other attractions that you can visit include the NSW Correctional Services Gaol Museum, Raglan Gallery & Cultural Centre, and the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre to know all about the history of the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

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