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Canyonleigh is a quaint place in New South Wales within the local area of Wingecarribee. If you are lucky, this is where you can see kangaroos roaming freely at dusk. The vast rural landholdings are a common sight in this ‘outback’ of the Southern Highlands. 18 kilometres west of Canyonleigh area is Tugalong Outback Station which is very popular among the tourists as it offers adrenaline-pumping activities such as bushwalking, wildlife tours, 4WD tours and horse riding. Another point of interest that you must visit on your trip to the Canyonleigh area is the famous Bangadilly National Park. The park is a favourite among the adventure enthusiasts as they can enjoy remote wilderness hiking. Nature lovers are in for a treat as well as the park is brimming with rare species of flora and fauna. You can enjoy bird watching and click lots of pictures of birds and the wildlife here.

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