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On average you’ll pay 10% less compared to other sites for booking Bowral Accommodation on Wild Escapes.
Bowral is a historic town which keeps this concept at the heart of everything it does to attract visitors. Think old building turned into antique shops, art galleries, craft shops and small cafes and restaurants. A laid-back, relaxed little town perfect for a tranquil vacation. Bowral accommodation options are wide-ranging, and there is plenty of luxury holiday accommodation on hand for people who enjoy the best of everything.
Bowral is very busy in September when the annual Tulip Time Festival takes place, one of the main events of its type in this part of Australia.
As we would expect from a destination with a historical background, the wine heritage of NSW is fully endorsed by the local restaurants. The wine cellars in this town are packed with some of the excellent Australian vintages made both locally and nationally.
From a wilderness point of view, nature lovers will find several different types of natural areas within easy reach. From riverside hiking trails through to hard hikes up Mount Gibraltar. Once you have finished exploring Bowral and the surrounding wilderness, you can head back to your luxury holiday rental for a good night’s rest.

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