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Bermagui offers a wide range of experiences for tourists of all ages and stages. For this reason, it is the perfect holiday destination at any time of the year. The adventure lovers can enjoy to the fullest at the gorgeous waterways, state forests and exploring the surrounding national parks. Nature lovers can soak in the breath-taking views this region has to offer. History enthusiasts can visit the Bermagui Museum to gain an insight into the stories of the past and learn about the rich family histories here. 7 kilometres north of Bermagui is Montreal Goldfield, which is an ideal location for families to enjoy board walking through the native forest. You can also head to Mumbulla Creek Falls and spend a great time with your family. Kids especially love the natural rock slide here that goes into a pool. Mimosa Rocks National Park is another enchanting attraction located nearby which offers beaches, lagoons and pocket rainforests to explore.

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