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The Bega is the urban centre located on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. It offers a diverse range of experiences to its visitors. Your trip to the Bega is incomplete if you don’t plan a visit to the Bega Cheese Heritage Centre. Dairy lovers can devour the wide variety of Bega cheese range along with milkshakes, fudges and much more. The history enthusiasts can also learn about the history behind the local farming through photographs, films and the upstairs museum. Some of the other popular art galleries to visit here include Bega Valley Regional Gallery, The Pioneer Museum, and the Spiral Gallery. To know more about the heritage of Bega, you can embark on a Bega Heritage Walk and step into the past. Adventure junkies have the option to travel to Brogo which is located nearby and explore the Brogo wilderness area and the southern section of Wadbilliga National Park.

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