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Bays & Peninsulas

The southern coast of Victoria is comprised of a large number of bays and peninsulas. Providing some of the most rugged, wild and natural coastline in Australia. Yet still accessible to visitors, due to easy access from major travel hubs such as the City of Melbourne.
The largest and most well-known bay in Victoria is Port Phillip Bay, with Melbourne sitting at the centre. Although much of the coast is somewhat developed, it still has a lot to offer nature lovers.
Western Port Bay with French Island sitting at its centre, is just a short trip from Melbourne and offers some true wilderness to explore including the North Western Port Nature Conservation Reserve.
The peninsular of Phillip Island, with Summerlands at its western tip, is also an excellent location for nature lovers to explore, including the Phillips Island National Park. The Bays and Peninsulas of Victoria is a favoured destination for visitors seeking luxury accommodation.