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Austinmer is the favourite hotspot for tourists looking for the perfect summer weekend by the beach or an extended getaway. Beach lovers can be seen all throughout the year here at Austinmer which is clearly the most popular beach north of Thirroul. The 250-metre beach is tucked between rugged wetlands and rocky formations making for a picture-perfect destination. Two large rock pools lie on the southern rock platform. There are even two ocean pools that are shallow and kid-friendly. The adventure enthusiasts can have an excellent time here with the adventure sports activities such as bushwalking and surfing. The Sublime Point Bushwalk takes you through low lying rainforest where you can explore the region and enjoy amidst nature at its best. Between the Austinmer Beach and the Lawrence Hargrave Drive, there is a strip of green grass where you can settle with your family for a mini-picnic or barbeque. Nature lovers can visit the Glastonbury Gardens which was built in 1965 for admiring the gorgeous Norfolk Island pines.

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