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Ocean Grove Accommodation

22. Ocean Grove
Located on the Bellarine Peninsula, Ocean Grove is a seaside tourist location with an interesting history. In the late 1800s, American Methodists set up a religious community in Ocean Grove, New Jersey in the USA. It was so successful, that plans were made to create a similar colony in Australia. The small colony grew, and in 1882 it was expanded to cover the current area of Ocean Grove in Victoria, Australia.
Sitting on the eastern bank of the Barwon River, modern-day Ocean Grove is a charming if somewhat less developed seaside town. A perfect location for nature lovers to stay, as it is somewhat removed from the main tourist trail, with some excellent wilderness areas on its doorstep.
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Lake Connewarre Wildlife ReserveA large shallow estuarine wetland complex located in the lower reaches of the Barwon River
Ocean Grove Nature ReserveContains the last remaining stand of original woodland on the Bellarine Peninsula
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