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King Island Accommodation

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Located off the northwestern tip of Tasmania is King Island, about halfway between Tasmania and mainland Australia. It’s a fascinating place to visit with plenty of interesting local sights and activities. The 3 main towns on the island are Currie, the administrative centre; Grassy – a former mining town; and the holiday haven of Naracoopa with its blow-hole and 100-year old jetty.

Food is a serious business on King Island – the annual Long Table Festival showcases the award winning beef, cheese, honey, lobsters and fresh produce which islanders are rightly proud of. There are a number of eateries dotted around the island – we especially like Bert’s Cafe on the east coast.
King Island is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers with a wealth of rare birds and other animals, including the elusive platypus. There are 2 world-class golf courses, a museum, kite-surfing, and those endless ocean views.

Luxury accommodation options are good, offering a good balance of price and comfort.

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Bischoffs Cafe Rated on of the best for breakfast or lunch
Wild Harvest Great selection of local produce
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