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Flinders & Outback

The Flinders Ranges are the largest of all mountain ranges to be found in South Australia. They stretch for over 430km down from Adelaide to Port Pirie. And as such, they offer some truly unique nature experiences that just cannot be found elsewhere.

Visitors will, of course, wish to explore the mountain ranges themselves. However, the surrounding lowlands are populated by a myriad of lakes and rivers. Many of these are explorable, and several are actually managed as state-run national parks. These are well worth exploring, as they are largely untouched by humans, and offer a unique experience to those who make the effort to discover them

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  • Arkaba

    Arkaba, Hawker, South Australia, Australia
    An ancient landscape moulded by millions of years of geological activity, the Flinders Ranges offers some of Australia's most spectacular outback scen...
  • The Arkaba Walk

    Arkaba, Hawker, South Australia, Australia
    Set against the backdrop of the Elder Range and Wilpena Pound in South Australia's Flinders Ranges, an Arkaba walking safari is an opportunity to expe...